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PEARS THE GAME OF PAIRS  -The 2nd edition of our fun and addictive matching game. More players, more ways to win, and more chips. Earn points for matching the same numbers, even more points for matching the same numbers and the same color. Try getting consecutive numbered pairs to earn the most points, and watch out for the Crazy Pears.


TIC TAC OH! -The games that's in and on the bag.

 This is a variation of the game we all know and have loved since we first learned how to play it. With Tic Tac Oh! we have added a game die, chips and you use the game bag for the game board. Click to learn more about this game.


I'm NOT GOING TO EAT THAT!  - Picky eaters will laugh, and parents will relate as an everyday dinnertime experience unfolds. Written from a child’s point of view, readers will delight in the narrator’s dinnertime tactics. Read on to find out … will he try that?


MY FIRST PET  -If you could pick any pet in the world, what would it be? An armadillo to sleep under your pillow? A rhinoceros or a hippopotamus? A horse (who lives outside, of course)? The possibilities are endless, but mom may not agree, and could have an idea of her own! Avaialble now on Amazon!