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PEARS the game of pairs.... Free shipping in the United States.


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2- Players  🎭

Ages 7 - Adult 

Play Length: 15 minutes  ⌚

Object of the game:  Players try to create four sets of pairs matching number with or without the same color.

After each round of play players are awarded chips based on the type of each match. 

The winner is determined by the player with the most points at the end of three rounds. 🏆

What is in the bag?

The Playing Cards

One red deck and one blue deck.

25 Red Chips and 25 Blue Chips

One player is the dealer and the other player is the "Banker".

Game Instructions and Game Die

That is a lot of fun packed into one bag!


The Crazy Pear Card

The Crazy Pear can bring you extra points or cause you to lose a point, so you need to play it wisely.

The Pear Die

Roll a blue pear ... you can choose to pick a card from either blue draw or the blue discard pile.

Roll a red pear ... you can choose to pick a card from either red draw or the red discard pile.

Roll a yellow pear ... you can choose to pick a card from either the blue or red draw or discard pile.

Didn't roll the color pear you wanted or needed?  No worries we added a special "Roll Over" feature, but it will cost you one of your red chips.

The Chips and Scoring

Get a red chip which is worth 1 point for matching the same number but not the same color.

Get a blue chip which is worth 2 points for matching the same number and the color.

The winner after 3 rounds of play is the player with the most points.

Social Pears


Someone sent us this picture of them "playing Pears at the river last night". Feel free to send us your pictures playing the game of pairs.

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From our Facebook Page

Very cute game that my 7 year old and I enjoyed.  Purchased Pears at Curious Minds Toys in Ellicott City.   

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